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Our home waters are in English Bay where we have been racing our Cals for over 50 years!

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We are building the fleet!

We are actively seeking to build the fleet and are able to help anyone wishing to get into racing Cal 20’s. We can assist you in acquiring a Cal 20 as well as assist in rigging, boat preparation and learning the Racing Rules of Sailing.


Our major event for racing is the Janet Stamper Memorial Regatta that takes place as a two part series. Spring and Fall.

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Janet Stamper Memorial Regatta

Our biggest event of the year is the Janet Stamper Memorial Regatta. This racing event takes place as a two part series – Spring and Fall.

The series consists of 5 race days per series and 4 – 5 races per day! The annual Canadian Championships are held in Vancouver at The Kitsilano Yacht Club and in Victoria hosted by Fleet 13 at The Royal Victoria Yacht Club.

Cal20Fleet38.com English Bay, Vancouver

Recent Fleet News

Canadian Championships 2018

July 7th and 8th .. 2 days of Cal 20 racing at it’s best. After a challenging first day of light to no winds we completed 3 races with Pinnical finishing the day with a 2 point lead. We all gathered for a great feast at KYC joined by the other fleets that were...

Janet Stamper Spring Series 2018

It was the final for the Spring Series but many more races to follow throughout the year.The first 2 races we had 5 – 10 knot winds but the 3rd race was a real drifter floating along watching the windex casually dance around the masthead.  The winds were those...