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Our home waters are in English Bay where we have been racing our Cals for over 50 years!
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We are building the fleet!

We are actively seeking to build the fleet and are able to help anyone wishing to get into racing Cal 20’s. We can assist you in acquiring a Cal 20 as well as assist in rigging, boat preparation and learning the Racing Rules of Sailing.


Our major event for racing is the Janet Stamper Memorial Regatta that takes place as a two part series. Spring and Fall.

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Janet Stamper Memorial Regatta

Our biggest event of the year is the Janet Stamper Memorial Regatta. This racing event takes place as a two part series – Spring and Fall.

The series consists of 5 race days per series and 4 – 5 races per day! The annual Canadian Championships are held in Vancouver at KYC and has been attended by many competitors from Victoria and the U.S.

Cal20Fleet38.com English Bay, Vancouver

Recent Fleet News

Janet Stamper Fall 2019 Race Day 1

Race Day 1 Started off with light winds taking 30 min. for once around and as the day went on we did 2 laps in about 20 min. Very tricky shifts and gusts kept us on our toes. We had very tight racing with many overlaps at mark roundings to make things interesting. The...