Cal 20 Racing Season is about to begin ! Time to start prepping our boats and selves to go faster. An interesting thing about Cal 20’s is you can modify so many things to gain that competitive advantage. Lighten to the minimum weight, refinish and polish the hull, new design rudder (Gresham), new sails, but the biggest advantages are practice, learning the rules and taking courses on tactics and trim. The more you can get out there and develop your skills the better. Placing well in a series – First of all, if you have no DNS’s,  you can place better than those that do. Making sure you have no equipment failures – Your boat is only as strong as your weakest part. Maintenance is key.

See you at the Marina in the coming months , scrubbing, cleaning, replacing spreader bolts, etc.

Fleet Captain – Kerry Brann > Magical 777 <