Oct 27 was Day 1 of the KYC Blue Nose Regatta with unseasonably warm weather and with that the doldrums.  We raced all points of the compass and the Race Committee did a fantastic job, considering the multiple course changes. We managed 2 races Saturday with Magical taking the lead in the first race followed by Osiris, Pinnical , Whimsical and La Galatea. The 2nd race resulted in all 105 boats bunching up at the leeward mark fighting wind against current and loss of steerage. There were way too many boats that had the wind picked up it would have been near impossible to record the results in such Kaos. That race was abandoned for good cause. Afterwards we all enjoyed a warm dinner at KYC … Soup and Tacos with all the fixins 🙂

Day 2 was much the same but unrepentantly damp. Race 1 was about to begin when we heard 6 loud blasts from an unscheduled freighter and we had to take cover. Sunday’s results …  The re set race 1 found  Pinnical as the leader with Magical, Osiris, Hysterical and La Galatea in hot pursuit. We had 2 races but the second race was recalled due to a valid on the water protest that was honorably accepted by the PRO.

Final results for the 2 days of very competative racing  Magical ( Kerry and Andrea Brann ) First Place. Pinnical ( Ted Sharplin and Deni Genossar ) 2nd Place and Osiris ( Stephen and Ed Chessor ) 3rd Place.

Nov 18th will be our final race day as a make up for the abandoned 1st race day. Hope to have all of our fleet out for this one. Hope we have strong winds and fair sky’s .



Captain Kerry