Race day 1: It was a struggle to find any drizzles of wind and resulted in just 1 race with Tyranical – Colin Jackson and son Cody in the lead. ( note to self  and others … read the SI’s from begining to end )  We had a great dinner party after racing at KYC.

Race day 2: The winds were moderate and covered the compass from all points . 3 races resulted in a tie for first between Magical and Tyranical with the tie breaker going to Tyranical. In Third place Pinnical. Colin Jackson this years winner has been involved in Cal 20 racing for many years and is a past Fleet Captain. He has probably turbo charged at least half of the boats in our fleet over the years and mentored many into Cal 20 One Design racing. It’s great to see 3rd gen Jackson , Cody involved in the family biz and so keen on racing Cal 20’s.  Next year we should see Barnical rigged and ready to defend their Canadian Championship in a boat that had a refurb. started when cody was 4 feet shorter than Colin.