Race Day 1 Started off with light winds taking 30 min. for once around and as the day went on we did 2 laps in about 20 min. Very tricky shifts and gusts kept us on our toes. We had very tight racing with many overlaps at mark roundings to make things interesting. The weather forecast kept a few fleets ( Fair weather Lightning sailors in particular ) from participating, preferring the more moderate conditions of summer. Did they ever miss out. The skies opened up and gave us blue sky for most of the day.  5 races were scored and resulted in Magical with a first place for the day followed closely ( 1 point diff. ) Osiris in Second and Tyranical in 3rd. We had a very enjoyable apres race gathering back at KYC hosted by Colin and Megan.

The best news of the fleet social was that La Galatea was one bolt away from having the mast raising and Colin had procured that from Home Depot ( a temporary part till a Steveston Marine stainless bolt was available ) La Galatea’s mast was stepped Sunday night and is ready for action. La Galatea had lost her mast in the early spring on a sail to Gibson’s Landing during gale force winds. Colin and Megan had done a stellar job of survival in those conditions and made it back safe and sound ( less mast and rigging )  They did manage a cruise through the summer with their father on a charter during the summer and experienced the beauty of the Northern part of Georgia Straight and beyond.

KYC update on Oceania  ( Co Op Cal 20 ) Zenon has reported that Oceania has been a great addition to the Co Op and has been taken out on a very consistent basis and has had many keen on maintaining and sailing her. The Cal 20 is probably the safest boat in the club as far as staying dry and upright. It is a boat that is easy to sail but can take a lifetime to master. It provides challenge to other boats in  PHRF divisions and often wins on corrected time to take hardware home in many big competitive events.

There are many Racing Celebrities that have and are sailing/racing Cal 20’s to this day. Cal 20 Fun is here to stay.

Sailor Kerry