What a day ! We had sun /¬†clouds we had rain ( just a little ) and a little hail and best of all we had wind. The easterly winds varied in directions as they forced their way through Vancouver’s structural landscape and out to the bay. Race PRO Andy did a great job of organizing the course with help from Colm and Simeon. We had 5 twice arounds resulting in congrats to Ed and Steve on Osiris for 2 bullets, Kerry and Mark on Magical – 2 bullets and Kent and Oliver on Tyranical ( T Rex ) – 1 bullet. ¬†Some pics were taken by Colin and Megan from on board their new boat La Galetea.

There were a few mark roundings that deserve a look at Rule 18.2 Giving mark room and Rule 14 avoiding contact , 21 exoneration and 44.2 taking penalties. Also observed where situations where rule 17 on the same tack proper course applied. There were at least 2 red flags up during the day and no actions taken. We are an easy going bunch but let’s try to do better.

Next race day is April 23rd